carmrades - colouring car culture

Carmrades is a community founded by Misha aka Boosted Boris for car enthusiasts to unite, educate and share experiences. 

Created in early 2016, our close knit community assembles more than 700 members from around the world who share their experiences on a daily basis.




carmrades "the blog"

In the summer of 2016 and with the blessing of Misha, Carmrades "the Blog" was created to enable the enthusiasts of our community to have a platform on which they can publish their experiences.

Coming from all over the globe, our dedicated writing team uses their enthusiasm and expertise to share their passion with you, our fellow Carmrades.



The team

Dan Domine.jpg

Dan Dominé

Author & webmaster

Originally from the south of France, I got into cars when I passed my driving license. Searching for my first car, I got addicted to TV shows like Top Gear and then by chance to Tsuchiya Keiichi's Hot Version. I absorbed as much knowledge as I could and now aim to share this knowledge with others.

At the time, I am living in Germany not far from the Nürburgring. The ideal place for car enthusiasts. 

When I am not taking care of the website, I write articles about all car related things that interest me, about tuning companies and about my Honda (EG) Civic build. 



dylan smit


A prolific car geek from the Northern tip of the Netherlands. I was brought up from an early age to like cars by a mechanic father. I hit the ground running on my introduction to the car scene. His fascination with classic Audi’s, Opel's and Americana transferred to me, which lead me to my current car, a 1993 Opel Calibra 16V.

Being around racing all my life, an obsession sparked that lasts to this very day. My hunger for knowledge about racing has driven me to dredge up the most obscure and forgotten race cars from the most unheard of manufacturers, and present their stories to you in full detail.


Robert Nguyen.jpg

Robert Nguyen


Living in Hanoi, Vietnam,  I started to find my passion for cars since a very young age. Living in a country where the car culture is not a big scene. I started writing articles to express my love for motor racing and the car culture in general. 

I mostly concentrate on modern motorsports articles. Focusing on different racing cars from the 21st century and beyond. 

Other than that, I’m a pretty adventurous guy and with a lot of passion for car photography. I’m also used to race in simulation such as Live For Speed and RaceRoom Racing Experience to gain more experience on the technical side of motor racing.

I still don’t have a driver’s license yet, as I’m soon moving to the US to study in university.



Michael Masin


Originally from south-east coast of Victoria, Australia, I started taking an interest  in cars when I was seven, watching V8 Supercars with my dad. 16 years later, I still follow Supercars closely and I also have a keen interest in Formula 1. 

I've always had an interest in automotive history, and in what's happening in the car industry today. I've been watching Top Gear since I was 14 and own a copy of every Wheels magazine published  in the last 12 years. 

I mainly write articles about Australian car culture, history, and motorsport. Outside Australia, people only know Ford and Holden, but there's a lot more to it than that and I want to share my knowledge and passion for these cars.