Redemption - Project CARS 2 Review

Former German president Richard von Weizsäcker once said: "Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance."

In short, one needs to remember in order to achieve redemption.

The original Project CARS never was the most unanimously loved racing game. It was a good shot at the sim racing genre, but it had too many weird quirks, bugs and glitches to be considered a smash hit.

But now, two years after the release of the first game, Slightly Mad Studios is back with the sequel: Project CARS 2. 

So: has Slightly Mad Studios remembered past flaws and achieved redemption? Or has the British studio not learnt from past mistakes? Let's find out.

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Constant Veracity - 1972 Huron-DAF 4A Variomatic Cosworth

The previous year, a small Canadian firm by the name of Huron had started running their 4A 2L sportscar. The car was powered by a 1.8L Cosworth FVC engine, and managed to contest a single race before the company folded.

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Max Attack – Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen On How To Overtake & Win Races In F1


Fresh from his second ever career victory in Formula One, Max Verstappen continues to prove himself as not just a talent for the future, but as a driver who can win races today. And with victory coming on the weekend of his 20th birthday, the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix adds to his impressive list of achievements to date, which all started with his win in Spain last year.

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Never Meet Your Heroes

Maserati launched the fabled Granturismo grand tourer coupé back in 2007, and the company has sold over 37.000 since then. A facelift was unveiled back in June, prolonging the car's lifespan by another few years.

The Granturismo has always been something of an enigma, with a fantastic V8 and a heavenly soundtrack to boot. 

But what's it actually like to drive? To find out, I jumped behind the wheel of a 2013 Maserati Granturismo Sport to put the Bologna Beauty to the test.

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Escalation Game - 1997 Lister Storm GTL

For the other teams competing in BPR, Porsche latest trick was very bad news. The 911 GT1 swiftly laid waste to the conservatively modified opposition upon arrival late in the 1996 season, leaving the writing on the wall.

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Deadly Dwarf - 1977 Porsche 935/2.0 "Baby"

As the 935 was the only car homologated for Group 5 racing, the company would have to find a way to bring it down to the correct specification. Porsche’s head designer Norbert Singer was given the arduous task of converting the 2.9L, twin turbo flat six, 630 horsepower and 970 kg (2,139 lbs) monster into something a lot less intimidating.

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Solid, But Not Perfect - Forza Motorsport 7 Demo

The racing video game market is more competetive than ever before. Small developers have risen up and are publishing titles of surprisingly high quality, forcing established names to set up their game on a previously unseen level. The big players are no longer untouchable.

This can definitely be said for American developer Turn 10 Studios, the creator of the now legendary Forza Motorsport series.

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Momentum – Daniel Ricciardo's Season Update Ahead Of The F1 Malaysian Grand Prix

After a slow start to 2017, Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo has since gone on a run of 7 podium finishes in 10 Grand Prix races, the highlight of which was his first victory of the season, in Azerbaijan. Now, with 6 races to go, the Australian is determined to maintain the challenge on title contenders Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, the likes of whom he is convinced, both he and teammate Max Verstappen, have the beating of, as Mobil 1 The Grid found out.

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Boxed In - 1985 Daihatsu Charade DeTomaso 926R Group B Prototype

In order to meet the limit, the engine was taken down to 926 cc, giving rise to the name 926R. After extensive fettling, the mini monster produced some 118 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 147 Nm at 3500 rpm. The IHI RHB32 turbocharger used was so small, the car had no need for an intercooler. This freed up space and saved weight.

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Hype Justified

Hype is a dangerous thing. It can lead to overestimating, which ultimately leads to disappointment. This is true with many things: video games, movies, tv shows and most certainly cars.

And I don't think there has been a single car in history that has seen more hype than the Nissan GT-R. You've heard the phrases: 911 Turbo performance for a lower price. A missile, not a car. Clever to the point of obscurity. A supercomputer strapped to a Space Shuttle. But what's it actually like to drive?

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