Excellent! The "Mirth Mobile" Sold for $34,000 At Auction.

A 1976 AMC Pacer sold for $34,000 at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Las Vegas, NV today. Of course, under normal circumstances, you couldn’t pay most people to take ownership of a Pacer. But, as movie buffs will be quick to tell you, this is no ordinary Pacer. Far from it.


It is, of course, the Mirth Mobile, Garth Algar’s whip in the cult classic movie Wayne’s World. In factory condition, complete with camera mounts and the original custom paint job, the Mirth Mobile crossed the docket as one of the most hyped vehicles up for bid at today’s auction. The winning bidder now has a legitimate piece of Hollywood history in his garage.

But 34 grand for an AMC Pacer? Even if it was in one of the greatest cult classics of all time? Would you do it?

Kyle AshdownComment