Project EG-R: Setting the Goals

When you are planning to build a project car, it always helps to set some goals. Until now, the build that has become my Civic has been more out of necessity than anything else. It is also a nice excuse to have for spending money.

I've been thinking about what I would do with my Civic since before the day I got it. Many thoughts I had over the years changed with the passing time.

Back in February, I decided it was high time that I focuses my thoughts and brought them to paper. I want my project to be as unique as it can be both looks wise and on the mechanical side. But how do you go about it ?

The Exterior

Though I am skilled enough at drawing I'm definitely not a pro at rendering car designs nor do I have enough experience with what works and what doesn't. Fortunately, I met a person who could.

When I first saw the car renders by Yasid Design, I immediately thought that this was the studio I wanted to ask to take my ideas to the visual realm. 

To start with I sent Yasid, the owner of Yasid Design, a list of things that I wanted my Civic to have. That included the Spoon Sports treatment with the famous duck billed spoiler, their carbon hood, front lip and aero mirrors. At that time, I didn’t even consider having a wide body style car, I thought it wouldn’t look the part on a daily, unlike the track weapon at the top of this post.

Thanks to Yasid’s increase in high profile custom orders from various websites and of course Jon Olsson, my project took a little more time than initially planned and it was all the better for it. After all I am not in a hurry.
By that time, the Civic already had all the parts that I wanted, including a cool looking diffuser that Yasid proposed and made the car look a lot more purposeful.

Somewhat still not entirely satisfied, I asked Yasid to make a widebody rendering. The first design ended up resembling the one he put to “paper” all this time ago for SpeedHunters and as a Need For Speed Tribute (you can find it in the gallery above). I didn’t like it much but that’s also a part of the design process and waters do need to be tested.
After a little reflection time for me to get my ideas in order, browsing the net and finding utterly clean cars or "riced out" Civics, I found myself looking at the new 2016 Civic Type R RallyCross set to debut this or next year.

I found it quite amazing as I stared at it for a long while trying to figure out how to do this to its 20 year old brother.
It came to me quite quickly actually, the wide bodywork created by Honda for the GRC were just extensions of the lines that the car already had. I contacted Yasid to tell him about the new direction I wanted the Design to take which was:

Could you make a wide body that could have come from Honda, keeping the original lines of the car.

The Interior

As the exterior design of my daily driver took precedence over the interior, I had quite a while to think about it. To be honest I didn’t even know exactly what I wanted to do to it, only that I wanted Recaro Sporster CS seats and a concealed audio system.
Again I went looking on the web and found, as with the exterior, really clean original interiors, stripped out race interiors or huge sound systems that I would not qualify as being an interior at all.
Thankfully, Honda came to the rescue again.

As soon as knew of the online release of the new 2016 NSX konfigurator, I of course had to have a go at it. I absolutely loved the interior of the NSX with the right colour combination. 

I forwarded the saved images to Yasid without giving him any guidelines. I just asked him to get inspired by the new NSX for the interior of my Civic.

The Mechanical Side

Since I got my Civic I knew that at some point I would have to swap the engine with something more powerful and for a long time I thought that a Honda K series engine would be the answer.

The problem is that it isn't a very original swap option. Too many have used the K20 or K24 engines to swap in their older Civic models, be they EF, EG or EK models.

So, what would be an original or not well known swapping option ? 

After thinking long and hard, I decided I would still use a Honda engine and what better option that the engine powering one of the most respected Honda models to have ever existed: the S2000. 

Producing 250 HP from its 2.0L capacity the F20 engine is famed for its high revving abilities (9 000 rpm). It also isn't an engine famous for being swapped into FWD cars.

Though before I can achieve that, many issues still need to be addressed. Not mentioning repairing the rust damage the Civic accumulated over it's 20 year life, the body needs to be strengthened to accept the power the F22 will bring.

Then there is the actual installation of the S2000 engine. Motor mounts will need to be fabricated and figuring out how the make its transmission work with a front wheel drive setup.

After searching for a long time in the area I live in, I found a company that could possibly help me with all of the steps that will need to be done. That company is Zakspeed.

Zakspeed is a German motorsports company located a little to the north of the Nürburgring. They are famous for their Ford Capri racecar as well as their Mercedes AMG GT (Mann Filters) and their team's Nissan GTR.

They do everything from body off restorations of classic cars to the creation of carbon fiber parts. So I'm hoping that when I have enough money saved, they will accept to work on my project car and let me in their midst so that I learn everything there is to modifying cars. 

I do not know when the next post on this build will be as I first need to save a considerable amount of money in order to proceed to the next step. 

Until then, please enjoy the other posts on our Blog !