6 Automotive Animes and Mangas

For those who are not familiar with the subject, Manga is the Japanese comic format and anime its animated counterpart. Following, is my pick of the best car related Manga and Anime for you and/or your kids to read.

This post will cover the best examples that the Japanese manga culture gave us.

Initial D

To this day, Initial D is the most popular car related anime out there.

You get to follow the footsteps of a young driver called Fujiwara Takumi who, with his extraordinary driving skills, climbs up the ladder of the street racing scene in his underpowered Toyota AE86 Trueno. 

The original animated series contains a total of 92 episodes over 6 seasons. 

For those who will prefer to read, there is the Manga on which the anime is based.
There is a lot more content to be found in the comic that transforms the tournament style TV series we know from the screens into a full fledge story. 

This includes more off and on the road scenes which were sorely missed in the anime.

On comparison, though the Initial D Anime is hugely entertaining, I would still recommend the Manga over the Anime for the better story line.

Recommended for Kids.


Wangan Midnight

Like Initial D, Wangan Midnight is a popular automotive Anime and Manga series. Though unlike its counterpart, Wangan is more focused on the cars themselves instead of the driver's driving techniques.

Just like in Initial D, we get to follow a young driver, however the comparison ends here. The main character Asakura Akio finds his dream car in a junkyard, restores it and does everything in his power to become the fastest on Tokyo's Wangan loop battling against Porsches and Ferraris for the title.

The anime follows the manga so closely that, for the visual impact, I'll recommend the TV series over the comic.

Recommended for Kids.



Here is another great anime that follows the career of a young boy named Capeta. But unlike the other two animes in this list, this story turns around a 4th grader and not a young adult.

We get to follow him as he makes his way up to his dream of becoming an F1 driver.

The series starts off when he takes his first steps in Karting, following his self funded career up the ladder until he opens the door to Formula racing.

Recommended for Kids.


Over Rev!

This manga turns around  the life of Ryoko which used to revolve around the athletics track but due to an injury she could no longer follow the path she hoped to.

The story itself starts off with her witnessing two cars street racing and her getting the chance to try her hand at drifting.

Shortly after that, she gets her license and buys a Toyota MR-2 as her first car. The story shows us her journey from learning how to drive a manual to her street racing career.

I highly recommend this manga series, it makes for a fun read and since it turns around women drivers, it might even interest girls.

Recommended for Kids.


Kanojo no Carrera

Kanojo no Carrera follows an 18 year old girl who inherits the 964 Carrera of her father.

Here we get to see a story of rivalry between supercar owners ranging from a Ferrari F360 to the iconic Toyota 2000GT.

Not recommended for kids.


The story of this japanese comic revolves around Sorayama Shun who shortly after being dumped by his girlfriend decides to follow his dream to own a Lamborghini Countach and become a professional racing driver.
It makes for an awesome read !

Not recommended for kids.

I hope Japan keeps on delivering great automotive animes & mangas and if you feel I've missed any car related great mangas, feel free to leave a comment below.