Cold Pre-Start of a New Season

Sometimes I am wondering if the car world isn't a big old bear. We get in our caves for the winter and come out when spring shows itself, sometimes with a new cub (car) that was born during the cold months.

I definitely got this feeling as I arrived in Nürburg last weekend to meet up with Carmrade in Chief, Misha Charoudin. As Misha is pretty busy with visiting tuning companies and such things, I had a bit of time before meeting him.

Nürburg Castle from Apex

Nürburg Castle from Apex

Unfortunately, there still was a bitterly cold wind in the Eifel hills. In fact so cold, that I decided to park my Civic in front of the soon to be Apex Hotel, facing south to get as much sun exposure as possible. Thankfully, I didn't have the opportunity to get bored while waiting. The sounds of a beastly BMW M5 revving its engine broke the complete silence that reigns in the small village. You can have a taste of this godly sound if you watch Misha's Vlog.

Apex on February 25th, 2017

Shortly after that, Robert -the owner of Apex- arrived and started showing me around the barn that will become the home of a collection of exceptional cars -available for rent both on and off the circuit- when Misha showed up and finished giving me -and Carmrades Daniel Dilla and Chris- the complete tour including the hotel (of which you can follow the progress here).

As a student in architecture, I decided to make a quick visualisation of how Apex could look like when finished. Of course, this is my view of it and the end result could be very different. I hope you approve.

How Apex could look like.

After Misha finished giving us and you the tour of the premises, we went for a small tour of his current workplace located in the building of the Russian tuner, Atomic. Only a few minutes by car from Nürburg and located in "car shop central" we were greeted by the rumbling sound of the Renntech C63. 

Going inside, we can see that we are just coming out of the off season. Everything is pretty calm, several cars are on the lifts getting different mods and of course a lot of stored parts that are awaiting to be installed. A lot of HKS parts and a GT-R on a lift sound like an interesting feature, wouldn't you agree?

After Atomic, we went to Rent4Ring to meet up with Phillip Weber who was working on a customer's Swedish M5, the very same I heard earlier.


My first 2017 visit at the Green Hell was definitely a short one (only a few hours) and February isn't a time I would recommend to anyone for a motorsport-orientated visit, even if the weather is agreeable while you visit. Activity is just starting and if you are there to spot cars, you won't have much luck. But for those who want to plan a full season at the Nürburgring, it may be a good time to come and check things out before the start of another hectic season.