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Twisted Torque - 1969 Matra MS84 4WD Cosworth

At Matra, designer Bernard Boyer reached the same conclusion. Under his direction, work started on a four wheel drive development of the concurrent MS80. In order to get a head start, Boyer contracted Ferguson itself to develop the car’s drivetrain. The biggest issue with creating the innovative machine was the position of the engine.

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Dual Wield - 1986 SEAT Ibiza Bimotor Group S Prototype

The Ibiza was a small hatchback in the vein of the Fiat Uno and Volkswagen Polo, with some interesting names involved with its conception. German engineering specialists Porsche had a hand in designing the car’s drivetrain, and Giorgetto Guigiaro’s Italdesign penned the svelte body, which was actually intended as the second generation of the Volkswagen Golf.

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