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Dark Horse - 1986 Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

Even so, there was a very good reason for this apparent oversight. Ferrari never intended to enter the the sport as a factory team, instead opting to take the same sort of role they had done in the past.As with the Michelotto cars, Ferrari wished to sell a bunch of the cars to select privateers, who would only compete in pure tarmac events. This way the factory would have all the publicity with minimal financial and managerial expenses.

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Reluctant Racer - 1976 Lancia Stratos HF Turbo Group 5

Right in the middle of the rally weapon’s winning streak, Lancia made plans to adapt the car to the new Group 5 Special Production Car GT-regulations taking effect in 1976. This new category was intended to free up technical limitations on production-derived GT-racers, setting the stage for an era of widebody turbocharged insanity.

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Dated Delicacy - Ferrari 308 GT/M Group B Prototype

With the much looser Group B rules in place, Michelotto was basically given carte blanche on the car. The new machine no longer had to resemble a road going Ferrari, which allowed for extensive modifications. First on the list was the position of the engine. In the standard 308 GTB, the 3.0L Tipo F105 quattrovalvole V8 was mounted transversely beside the gearbox. This made the car very compact and well balanced, but significantly impeded accessibility to vital parts.

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