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Big Fish - 1983 BMW 635 CSi Group A

In an effort to counter the 400 horsepower V12 Jaguar, the 3.5L M30B34 from the 635 CSi was taken as a starting point. Since BMW still hadn’t committed to a full factory effort, engine tuning was handled by specialists Alpina and Schrick, while final assembly fell into the very capable hands of Team Schnitzer.

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Small Soldier - 1993 Subaru Vivio Sedan 4WD Super KK

Featuring permanent four wheel drive and a Rootes-supercharged , double overhead cam 16-valve EN07Z four cylinder engine limited to the mandatory 64 horsepower, the RX-R perfectly represented the technological arms race being fought in the lowest ranks of the automotive world

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Deadbeat Dad - 1990 Opel Omega 3000 24V DTM

So for the 1990 season, Opel started to develop a new challenger around the recently introduced Omega A2. The move was an unusual one, as the Omega was a rather large family sedan. Compared to the lighter and more nimble BMW M3 Sport Evolution and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo, the Omega was positively gigantic.

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