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Aero Anomaly - 1971 Lola T260 Chevrolet Can Am

Although the T222 had shown a way forward, Bruce Marston and Eric Broadley decided against simply building upon its concept. Instead, they decided to go into a radically different direction. Traditionally, Can Am cars featured a large, shovel-like nose intended generate as much downforce as possible. The front-running McLarens were no exception.

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Twisted Torque - 1969 Matra MS84 4WD Cosworth

At Matra, designer Bernard Boyer reached the same conclusion. Under his direction, work started on a four wheel drive development of the concurrent MS80. In order to get a head start, Boyer contracted Ferguson itself to develop the car’s drivetrain. The biggest issue with creating the innovative machine was the position of the engine.

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Fantastic Feat - 1966 Lola T90 Ford Indycar

A true entrepreneur, Eric Broadly was keen on expanding his business to include more and more different forms of motorsport. With this in mind he took up a new challenge in the form of the best-watched race in the world, the Indianapolis 500

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