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Stealth Bombed - 1983 Tyrrell 012 Cosworth "Boomerang"

Luckily, Maurice Philippe had just that in mind. In order to give Tyrrell an aerodynamic advantage, he not only though out of the box, he stomped on it and threw it in the trash. Realizing a conventional wing could only do so much with the maximum width given by the FIA, he set out to maximize the surface area within the available space.

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Twisted Torque - 1969 Matra MS84 4WD Cosworth

At Matra, designer Bernard Boyer reached the same conclusion. Under his direction, work started on a four wheel drive development of the concurrent MS80. In order to get a head start, Boyer contracted Ferguson itself to develop the car’s drivetrain. The biggest issue with creating the innovative machine was the position of the engine.

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