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Kaiju Castaway - 1997 Lamborghini Diablo GT1

Using the standard 5.7L unit as a base, Lamborghini enlarged the stroke, fitted strengthened internals, lightened the block and developed an improved injection system for a 135 horsepower gain. The 6.0L, 60 degree V12 now managed to churn out 655 horsepower at an ear-splitting 7500 rpm, and 686 Nm (505 ft lbs) at 5500 rpm.

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Absurd Annexation - 1998 Vector M12 ASR GT2

This situation put MegaTech in a bit of a pickle, as they now had no car to put on sale and no-one to design a new one. Luckily the company has recently acquired Vector’s biggest rival, Lamborghini. Seeing an easy way out, MegaTech brought the two brands together. The ungainly product of this arrangement appeared in 1994 as the M12.

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