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Heavy Heart - 1966 Lotus 43 BRM H16

Seemingly unable to let go of the memory of their insanely sounding, 1.5L supercharged V16 debut car, BRM had chosen to try a third way of conjoining two tiny 8-cylinder engines. Whereas the Type 15 had two conjoined 750cc V8’s, and the loosely-related Coventry Climax FWMW consisted of two merged flat-8’s, the new P75 would stack two 1.5L flat-8 engines on top of each other. When viewed from the side, this resembled a capital letter H.

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Awful Aftertaste - 1998 Bitter GT1

Owing to the much larger V10, the car’s chassis had to be stretched substantially. This coincided with Hezeman’s plans for the body, which would sport larger front and rear sections in order to generate more downforce. Lotus designer Martin Ogilvie was drafted in for a few days to realize this concept in a more professional manner.

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Sidelined Samurai - 1991 Lotus 102C Isuzu

Midway through the 1991 season, Peter Collins came into contact with Isuzu and convinced the company to allow Lotus to test the promising new engine. The test was a huge opportunity for the ailing Team Lotus. The outfit hoped to persuade Isuzu in officially entering F1, and provide essential financial backing to keep them in business.

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