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Aero Anomaly - 1971 Lola T260 Chevrolet Can Am

Although the T222 had shown a way forward, Bruce Marston and Eric Broadley decided against simply building upon its concept. Instead, they decided to go into a radically different direction. Traditionally, Can Am cars featured a large, shovel-like nose intended generate as much downforce as possible. The front-running McLarens were no exception.

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Stockholm Syndrome - 1996 Mercedes-McLaren F1 GTR Test Mule

After some deliberation, Mercedes settled on trying to buy a used McLaren F1 GTR, the car which had won the final season of BPR. In contrast to the 911 GT1 and Mercedes’ planned racer, the original F1 GTR was nothing more than the world’s fastest car with some tweaks to make it fit for racing.

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Communication Breakdown - 1993 McLaren MP4/8 Ford

After initial testing Senna was positive about the stability, agility and overall handling of the new MP4/8. Unsurprisingly, he was less enthused with the performance of the mediocre Ford V8. His exasperated attempt to secure a drive with Williams had failed, even after he offered his services for free.

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