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Totaru Rikoru - 1996 Dome F105i Mugen-Honda

Sasaki was eager to ride the company’s current wave of success all the way to the top, and instigated the firm’s first ever Formula One project. His dream was to field an all-Japanese Formula One team, something which had not been seen since Honda’s departure from the sport in 1968.

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Dubious Debut - 1985 Minardi M185 Motori Moderni

For a brand new team entering the sport, it was a living hell. As the 1.5L turbo engines were much more complicated and expensive than the increasingly outdated 3.0L naturally aspirated units, finding a competitive means of propulsion was nigh-on impossible. Despite this, Italian Formula Two outfit Minardi Team SpA moved to join Formula One during the course of 1984.

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