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In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Few cars in history come with as much of a reputation as BMW's E60 incarnation of thw M5. The only production saloon car ever to be fitted with a V10 engine. A truly iconic car, but also on of the most notorious for a number of reasons.

It is a car that has captured my imagination for years. So you can imagine the range of emotions and feelings that exploded through my head when I got offered the chance to drive one on a cold, damp and rainy sunday morning in september.

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Solid, But Not Perfect - Forza Motorsport 7 Demo

The racing video game market is more competetive than ever before. Small developers have risen up and are publishing titles of surprisingly high quality, forcing established names to set up their game on a previously unseen level. The big players are no longer untouchable.

This can definitely be said for American developer Turn 10 Studios, the creator of the now legendary Forza Motorsport series.

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Hype Justified

Hype is a dangerous thing. It can lead to overestimating, which ultimately leads to disappointment. This is true with many things: video games, movies, tv shows and most certainly cars.

And I don't think there has been a single car in history that has seen more hype than the Nissan GT-R. You've heard the phrases: 911 Turbo performance for a lower price. A missile, not a car. Clever to the point of obscurity. A supercomputer strapped to a Space Shuttle. But what's it actually like to drive?

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