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Silent Savior - 2007 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP

In the R10, Audi used a traditional Vee-angle of 60 degrees between the cylinder banks. For a V12, this was the ideal layout, giving smooth power delivery from evenly spaced firing intervals. Peugeot on the other hand, decided differently. Keeping in mind the weight penalty of a diesel engine over a petrol-fed unit, the company opted for a 100 degree angle, making the engine nearly flat.

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Absurd Annexation - 1998 Vector M12 ASR GT2

This situation put MegaTech in a bit of a pickle, as they now had no car to put on sale and no-one to design a new one. Luckily the company has recently acquired Vector’s biggest rival, Lamborghini. Seeing an easy way out, MegaTech brought the two brands together. The ungainly product of this arrangement appeared in 1994 as the M12.

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Dubious Debut - 1985 Minardi M185 Motori Moderni

For a brand new team entering the sport, it was a living hell. As the 1.5L turbo engines were much more complicated and expensive than the increasingly outdated 3.0L naturally aspirated units, finding a competitive means of propulsion was nigh-on impossible. Despite this, Italian Formula Two outfit Minardi Team SpA moved to join Formula One during the course of 1984.

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