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The 1972 Supercar Scare

Up until 1971, the Bathurst 500 (mile) was contested by Group E series production cars. These were cars virtually identical to the cars on the showroom floor, distinct from the heavily modified cars contesting the Australian Touring Car Championship. Ford, Holden and Chrysler were in a battle to produce the fastest homologation special and win Bathurst. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday was the theory.

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Barely Holden On

Of all the car brands that exist today, few, if any, are in as much trouble as Holden. Over the past century they have transitioned from saddlery to coach builder to manufacturer to manufacturer/importer. By year's end, they'll be a full importer. Holden's ability to survive hangs on GM not going through with the sale of Opel-Vauxhall

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