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CT Meet

We’re teaming up with our friends Boosted BorisRing Garage and Speedhunters for our April event at the legendary Nürburgring!

Thursday 28 April: Pre-event

  • Pre-meet BBQ & chill with drifters at the drift park
  • DN14 (Destination-Nürburgring) trackday on Nordschleife 8:00 – 17:00
  • Touristfahrten (Public session) 17:15-19:30

Friday 29 April: The event

  • Meet Team CT
  • 50 VIP spaces for Car Throttle CTzens (email to book for free)
  • Unlimited parking around the venue
  • Meet the Car Throttle team, Boosted Boris, Speedhunters and many other YouTubers
  • Live filming of Project MX-5 with Alex Kersten
  • Car Throttle and Speedhunters merchandise
  • Track drifting or driving: €30/hour
  • Drift Taxi: €30/3 laps
  • Drift training: €30
  • Skidplate training €30
  • Two track activities for only €50
  • Twister runs (car with shopping trolley wheels at the back): €5/turn (1 test run + 1 timed run)
  • Crazy carts
  • VLN Practice 8:00 - 17:00 on Nordschleife
  • Passenger laps 16:00 - 18:00
  • Free entry to all, with the option to come and go as you please

Saturday 30 April: The afterparty

Sunday 1 May: The after afterparty

  • German Time Attack Masters (GP-Track): More info here
  • Public driving: 8:00 -19:00 (Nordschleife)

Looks like it’s going to be an incredible weekend so book your days off now! If you have something extra special that you would like to bring and display, please email us at